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Due to another successful masterclass on Sunday and loads of interest I have opened up new dates. Thank you to all the ladies that came. Every single one of you was beginners and managed to complete all the hairstyles which was great I am so chuffed with the feedback and they have left me some fab reviews.

My classes are for beginners with an interest in hairstyling. It could be for styling your own hair, your daughters or even friends I have something to suit everyone. If you step out of your comfort zone, I promise you will learn some fantastic hairstyles and leave being more confident with styling hair.

Mummy’s Masterclass £30.00 pp- for beginners, this specialises in hairstyles for the younger ladies in our lives. Anyone can do this class not just mums. Some of the things you will learn are French, Dutch, fishtail plaits, buns, bows and curls.

Evening Styling Masterclass. £25.00 - for beginners, in this class you will come along to the salon, work on your own hair or on dolly heads to create bouncy blowdrys, curls, waves, height and updos. You will be expected to bring along some hair tools you use at home (such as GHDs) and also you will have full access to my products and all of the tools I use too.


Mummys Masterclass- TBC

Evening Styling Masterclass- TBC